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      块装外加塑料袋Block Covered with Poly Bag

      每件外套一塑料袋 Each Piece Wrapped in a Poly Bag

      机器榨包不带包皮Press Packed Bale without Wrapper

      机器榨包以铁皮捆扎 Press Packed in Iron Hooped Bale

      用牢固的纸箱装运 Packed in Strong Carton

      适合于长途海洋运输 Suitable for Long Distance Ocean Transportation

      适合出口海运包装 Packed in Seaworthy Carton for Export

      全幅卷筒 Full with Rolled on Tube

      每卷用素包聚乙烯袋装 Each Roll in Plain Poly Bag

      混色混码 With Assorted Colours Sizes

      每隔--码烫有边印With Selvedge Stamped Internally at Every--Yards

      用…隔开 Portioned with

      纸屑 Paper Scrap 纸条 Paper Slip

      纸带 Paper Tape 纸层 Paper Wool

      泡沫塑料 Foamed Plastics 泡沫橡胶Foamed Rubber

      帆布袋内充水 Canvas Bag Filled with Water

      包内衬薄纸 Lined with Thin Paper

      内衬锡箔袋 Lined with Frescobag

      内置充气氧塑料袋 Inner Poly Bag Filled with Oxygen

      内衬牛皮纸 Lined with Kraft Paper

      内衬防潮纸、牛皮纸 Lined with Moist Proof Paper &Kraft Paper

      铝箔包装 In Aluminium Foil Packing

      木箱内衬铝箔纸Lined with Aluminium Foil in the Wooden Case

      双层布袋外层上浆 Double Cloth Bag with Outer Bag Starched

      外置木箱 Covered with Wooded Case

      外绕铁皮 Bound with Iron Bands Externally

      胶木盖Bakelite Cover

      外绕铁丝二道 Bound with Two Bands 0f Metal Wires Outside

      标签上标有:Labels Were Marked with

      纸箱上标有Cartons Were Marked with

      包装合格 Proper Packing

      包装完整 Packing Intact

      包装完好 Packing Sound

      正规出口包装 Regular Packing for Export

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